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Pierce Brosnan Says Reagan Better than Obama on Whale Protection Issue

ALT TAGThe Blue Whale is the largest animal in the history of the Earth, reaching as much as 100 feet and 160 tons

Actor Pierce Brosnan and animal rights activist Fred O'Regan say President Ronald Reagan had a better record on saving the whales than President Barack Obama is building:

Is it possible that the Obama Administration will capitulate to a proposed plan that permits Japan, Norway, and Iceland to resume commercial whaling?

As unlikely as it sounds, the answer is yes. The Obama Administration has indeed supported, behind closed doors, a dangerous new proposal to overturn the global whaling ban.

Since President Ronald Reagan first helped usher in the international ban on commercial whaling, every American President has reasserted our nation's strong leadership in the fight to save the whales...

Of course, most of us have no trouble at all believing Ronald Reagan was better at, well, you name it, than Barack Obama, but it is nice to see the Hollywood left and the animal rights movement noticing it.

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